District Six Orchestra Friends


Various fundraisers are offered to our middle school and high school students to help defray their field trip expenses.  Each middle school does their own fundraising. The activities listed below, are done at the high school level.  Our Booster Club, the District Six Orchestra Friends, sponsors these fundraisers to help support the students and the district orchestra program.


T-Shirt Sale

A new orchestra t-shirt is designed and sold each Fall.  The shirts are available for order for 5th -12th grades.These shirts along with the orchestra magnets earn funds that are used throughout the program for music scholarships, trips, snacks, and other orchestra activities. All profits go to the Orchestra Friends.

Restaurant Nights

Throughout the year restaurants sponsor “orchestra night”.   A percentage (and tips) of the evening’s proceeds go to the Orchestra Friends who in turn use the funds to support our orchestra students.  Watch the calendar for specific dates.  Several are held throughout the year.

September & October

Senior High Car Wash

The profits from car wash coupons go entirely to the students that are involved with this fundraiser.  Funds from cars that come that day without a coupon go to Orchestra Friends.


Direct Donations

Donations are accepted throughout the year.  As a non-profit organization, any donations are tax exempt.  You may use the form to submit your donation.  Half of the donation goes to the Orchestra Friends and half goes to the designated student.  Please alert us if your company will match your donation. Names of donors are published in each senior high school program starting with the Winter Concert.

Cake and Crescendos

Held the Monday before Thanksgiving, this annual fundraiser kicks off the holiday season!  Students perform Christmas music as guests enjoy a dessert buffet and shop for silent auction items.  Pre-ticket sales go directly to the student selling the tickets and funds from the silent auction and tickets at the door go to the Orchestra Friends.  Make sure to contact a board member or Mrs.Baier if you have silent auction items.


Candy/Snack Sale

Candy and/or Snack items are a sweet sell at both the freshman and senior high campus.  Profits go entirely to the individual student participating. 


Scholarship Collection

Monetary donations for the annual music scholarship are collected at String Fling.  The scholarship is awarded to a senior planning to major in music.  This concert is held in the Dorman arena and involves all orchestra students’ 5th– 12th grades.